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Hitachi in Thailand

Hitachi Motors has a long history of over 100 years from its first industrial supply.
We provide various induction motors manufactured from our Thailand & Japan factories.
Switches & Breakers
Hitachi provides High-Safety & High-Reliability circuit breakers and Magnetic switches made from our Thailand factory.
Air Compressor
Hitachi answers customer's needs that wants an air compressor whose environment-load is as low as possible by providing energy-saving products. The wide line-up which corresponds to various wish of customer. You can select air compressor flexibly according to the use purpose or the individual condition.
Marking System
Taking advantage of accumulated technical capabilities for many years, we achieve total marking for all our customers. Hitachi provides a total marking system, including a CO2 Laser Maker and printing inspection Vision System that reliably determines the quality of printing.
Hitachi provides inverter products having high reliability based on our long experience.
For continuous operation under severe use, Hitachi Inverters will strongly support customer benefits to be maximized.
Industrial Controller
Hitachi provides industrial controller (PLC) which has high durabitily and good performace to support factory's continous operation.
In addition, Hitachi industrial controller supports various features which shall be mandatory for the first step of IoT improvement.
Electric Rope Hoist & Electric Chain Hoist
A wide range of applications are provided for not only general machinery, automobile, can manufacturing and other plants but also for applications from primary to tertiary industries including warehouses and retail stores.
Vortex Blower
Hitachi vortex blowers are capable of providing reliable air movement at varying pressures and volumes with consistent performance throughout the operating range of each model.
By having long experience of motor supply, Hitachi also provides great quality of motor which enable to cover customer's severe use in long durability.
Nitrogen Gas Generator (N2 Pack)
Hitachi developed the series of nitrogen gas generators equipped with long-life, oil-free scroll compressors to respond to the market needs to obtain nitrogen gas easily and at low cost.
Single Phase
Select "Type" , "Output" and "Frequency(Hz)"
Three Phase
Select "Efficiency" , "Type" , "Output" , "Pole" , "IP" and "Frequency(Hz)"
Gear Motor
Select "Output" , "Gear" and "Frequency(Hz)"
MCCB(Mold Case Circuit Breakers)
ELCB(Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers)
MCTT(Magnetic Contactor)
THR(Thermal Overload Relays)
ELR(Earth Leakage Relays)
ZCT(Zero-Phase-Sequence Current Transformer)
ACB(Air Circuit Breakers)
MCB(Miniature Circuit Breakers)
Continuous Ink Jet Printer

Product details


UX Series Twin nozzle model

UX Series for Pigment Ink

SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

Principle of IJP

CO2 Laser Marker
Vision System
High Function / Large Capacity Type

SJ Series P1

LH1 Series

High Function / Medium Capacity Type

WJ200 Series

Compact Size / Small Capacity Type

NE-S1 Series

Module Type:HX Series
All-in-one Type:MICRO-EHV+ Series
Electric Rope Hoist

Product details

Rope Hoist

Inverter Rope Hoist Super V series

Electric Chain Hoist

Product details

Electric Chain Hoist

Inveter Electric Chain Hoist Super F2 series

Ground Construction Pumps
Fresh Water Submersible Pumps
Sewage Pumps
Automatic Water Supply Units
Nitrogen Gas Generator (N2 Pack)

Product details

NEXT II series (0.75kW)

NEXT series (2.2-5.5kW)

MD series (7.5-22)

Contact Information
TEL:+66 2-632-9292

FAX:+66 2-266-4106